Within the Outline as part of Emerge In Yarra 2018 MULTICULTURAL ARTS VICTORIA

Within The Outline is a group exhibition that brings together emerging artists and communities including Youssef Maghraby, Mahla Karimian, Clive Gono, The Ownership Project, Eunsuk Han (HARU) and more. Featuring calligraphy, scratchboard etching, sculpture and printmaking, the exhibition is an artistic expression of individual stories through various use of line-technique.

Featuring Artists


Delving into her life experience that left her soul scarred and scratched, the Iranian born artist, Mahla Karimian scratches the surface of paper as a visual reflection of her feelings. This artistic process allows her to create something beautiful from something painful.
Mahla is a visual artist, community arts coordinator and workshop facilitator. She holds a degree in photography and creates work using Persian miniature on scratchboard and other methods including print making, sculpture, stencil and digital media.


Addressing themes of culture, society and activism is Youssef Maghraby whose work is influenced by his experience in the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Employing bold pop art techniques on large-scale canvases, Youssef’s work is a depiction of traditional Arabic calligraphy or Arabic Tajweed style with a contemporary form. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Cairo majoring in Décor. The Egyptian Moroccan visual artist recently relocated to Melbourne.
His work has landed on the pages of International platforms such as Tracks ARTE, Onorient, Cairo Scene and he was recognised by Egypt Today as one of the nation’s top 10 artists.


The Master Shona Stone Sculptor, Clive Gono brings a fresh perspective to the line technique.
This age old practice has no formal training but instead passed down from the elders. With Clive’s grandfather, uncle and younger brother sculpting, the practice holds a strong family bond. He began sculpting in 1985 and was privileged to refine his skill for two years working under Shadu Chatsama, a renowned first-generation sculptor. Clive’s work is collected internationally. He has taught Shona sculpture in South Africa, held workshops in Wyndham city and is versatile in other materials including wood, metal and an extensive range of stones.

Included in the exhibition is a group of workshop participants from The Ownership Project. Founded in 2011, [it] is a not-for-profit printmaking studio and gallery space in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Conceived as a space to engage with members from culturally diverse communities through art making, The Ownership Project works with newly arrived migrant, refugee and Indigenous Australian communities, providing specialist tutors, high quality materials and exhibition space to encourage exploration of diverse contemporary dialogues through printmaking practice.

The Korean born artist, Eunsuk Han (HARU) showcases The ‘Wind woven’ series. These are hand-sawed artworks using Korean traditional fabrics, mainly silk. The artworks are inspired by patterns on the Korean traditional doors; which are designed to allow wind and sun to go through with gentle control of the temperature. The artworks; ‘Wind woven’ can be hung on the window to create beautiful natural light effects. The other artworks ‘Wind floating’ can be used as cupboards or wall decoration.

Nazi Kakavand is an Iranian born fashion designer and visual artist with more than 20 years experiences. This series of her work presents hand sewed and Sermeh embroidery (an Iranian traditional style of embroidery). In this style Nazi uses gold & silver threads and pearls to decorate traditional Persian patterns on the surface of the fabric.



Photos by Damian Vincenzi