SICK PUPPY by Aurora Campbell

Mental health, body image, self perception, inner turmoil. Technology, dating, fucking, not fucking, your sexuality, your pussy, your tits and your thighs. A self portrait; Self love marrying self hate. Your reflection arguing with your perception. The fun of self destruction quickly bettered by the boredom of sensibility. Empowerment fighting with shame.

Sick Puppy by Aurora Campbell is a highly personal exhibition reflecting on inner conflict with the navigation of love, relationships and selfhood in the digital age. Explored through a series of intense, stark, black and white ink on paper, the work is drawn from personal photographs; a typical example of the millennials iPhone camera roll. 
The show is a celebration of both female fragility and strength; both in spirit and body. Sick Puppy is an erotic, raw and honest body of work, at times confronting and stark- drawing on loneliness to connect the viewer with the work.