Liquid Language by Amos Duggan

Amos Duggan is an Australian artist from rural Queensland. Liquid Language is a collection of studies from the deep labyrinths of Amos' own thoughts and imaginations.

As the paint flows from Amos' brush and onto the canvas, the subconscious takes over and his mind starts having its very own visual conversation. Colours pour out and blend into one another, while lines of varying thickness forge their way through the landscapes and form patterns and outlines of their very own unique Liquid Language. Textures are telling tales and lines are solving riddles. But what is this curious conversation about?

Humans. People. Dreams. Ideas. Facts. Fantasy. Our role and place in the future of this world. A fantasy of thoughts on what physical or mental enhancements may be needed and what evolutionary developments will come. W...ether our forms will feature mutations due to natural evolutions or manipulations formed by scientific intervention.

As Amos paints, he regularly returns to his journal. Siting back and scrawling down the images and words that come to him as he attempts to decipher the scrambled and melting transmissions that are held by the easel.

This is life, isn’t it? A quest to discover the meaning of it all! How everything works. Whether we come up with our own delusion of what it all means or we adopt that of another.