Bad History by Nicholas Millen

Nicholas Millen has held solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Taipei, Taichung, Macao, New York & Melbourne and was the founder/director of House of Bricks Gallery, Egg Gallery & Roll Over Beethoven between 2011-2016.

Finding an old book of drawings from his early youth, Millen was shocked & amused, then inspired to interpret them into new painting works. The drawings depict 90s NBA basketball games, violent scenes of war and other naive scribblings of the imagination.

"in these paintings i am interpreting my youth and my inspirations/fascinations from that time of early education with concerns to how young Australians learn about the world - their heroes, idols, villians, prejudices and the early onset of impending doom that results from swallowing the brutality of war" - nm

Photos by Kate Shanasy