Is Roy Coming? Latrobe College of Art & Design

An exhibition from Latrobe College of Art and Design students curated by Leah Follacchio & Daniel Rohrlach-Tremaine.


Featured artists:

Matthew Austin | Lily Bull | Leah Follacchio | Trist | Callum Graham | Jarred Harknett | George Peters | Lee-Anne Pumpa | Daniel Rohrlach-Tremaine

From bloodied red and pharmaceutical blue, to parent green and flagrant gold, β€œIs Roy Coming?” presents the work of nine contemporary artists each taking a distinct approach to thinking about and working with colour β€” a property of light seen by people.

The nine artists work with colour as material; played with tint, tone, shade and hue; or investigate the personal and political associations of a colour to explore the resonances of colour the world. Works on exhibition consider evocations of mood, memory and the experience of colour; colour cognition and the language of common colour names; symbolic and ancient colour lore in literature and art; and the problematic philosophical status of colour.