SICK PUPPY by Aurora Campbell

Mental health, body image, self perception, inner turmoil. Technology, dating, fucking, not fucking, your sexuality, your pussy, your tits and your thighs. A self portrait; Self love marrying self hate. Your reflection arguing with your perception. The fun of self destruction quickly bettered by the boredom of sensibility. Empowerment fighting with shame.

Sick Puppy by Aurora Campbell is a highly personal exhibition reflecting on inner conflict with the navigation of love, relationships and selfhood in the digital age. Explored through a series of intense, stark, black and white ink on paper, the work is drawn from personal photographs; a typical example of the millennials iPhone camera roll. 
The show is a celebration of both female fragility and strength; both in spirit and body. Sick Puppy is an erotic, raw and honest body of work, at times confronting and stark- drawing on loneliness to connect the viewer with the work.


Nah Fuck It! an exhibition about motivation

Motivation is the energy that makes our minds and bodies move. It pushes civilization to the greatest heights, the darkest oceans and outer edges of the universe. And yet in this modern world, it’s far too easy to become distracted and in turn stagnant in life. ‘Nah, f*ck it’ has become an ethos for contemporary society and is, without a doubt, the easiest option. However, what’s easy and what’s right rarely fall under the same umbrella.

We proudly present to you Nah F*ck It: an exhibition from five Melbourne based creatives as a visual response to this debilitating modern mentality. We delve into the nuances of the human drive, and the opposing forces to an inactive contemporary attitude. Nah F*ck It in essence explores what it is that motivates us to get out of bed in the morning.

Featured artists:
Jesse Birthisel
Quila Charnock
Martina Fenech
Kim Ramos
Kristy Warden


Within the Outline as part of Emerge In Yarra 2018 MULTICULTURAL ARTS VICTORIA

Within The Outline is a group exhibition that brings together emerging artists and communities including Youssef Maghraby, Mahla Karimian, Clive Gono, The Ownership Project, Eunsuk Han (HARU) and more. Featuring calligraphy, scratchboard etching, sculpture and printmaking, the exhibition is an artistic expression of individual stories through various use of line-technique.

Featuring Artists


Delving into her life experience that left her soul scarred and scratched, the Iranian born artist, Mahla Karimian scratches the surface of paper as a visual reflection of her feelings. This artistic process allows her to create something beautiful from something painful.
Mahla is a visual artist, community arts coordinator and workshop facilitator. She holds a degree in photography and creates work using Persian miniature on scratchboard and other methods including print making, sculpture, stencil and digital media.


Addressing themes of culture, society and activism is Youssef Maghraby whose work is influenced by his experience in the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Employing bold pop art techniques on large-scale canvases, Youssef’s work is a depiction of traditional Arabic calligraphy or Arabic Tajweed style with a contemporary form. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Cairo majoring in Décor. The Egyptian Moroccan visual artist recently relocated to Melbourne.
His work has landed on the pages of International platforms such as Tracks ARTE, Onorient, Cairo Scene and he was recognised by Egypt Today as one of the nation’s top 10 artists.


The Master Shona Stone Sculptor, Clive Gono brings a fresh perspective to the line technique.
This age old practice has no formal training but instead passed down from the elders. With Clive’s grandfather, uncle and younger brother sculpting, the practice holds a strong family bond. He began sculpting in 1985 and was privileged to refine his skill for two years working under Shadu Chatsama, a renowned first-generation sculptor. Clive’s work is collected internationally. He has taught Shona sculpture in South Africa, held workshops in Wyndham city and is versatile in other materials including wood, metal and an extensive range of stones.

Included in the exhibition is a group of workshop participants from The Ownership Project. Founded in 2011, [it] is a not-for-profit printmaking studio and gallery space in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Conceived as a space to engage with members from culturally diverse communities through art making, The Ownership Project works with newly arrived migrant, refugee and Indigenous Australian communities, providing specialist tutors, high quality materials and exhibition space to encourage exploration of diverse contemporary dialogues through printmaking practice.

The Korean born artist, Eunsuk Han (HARU) showcases The ‘Wind woven’ series. These are hand-sawed artworks using Korean traditional fabrics, mainly silk. The artworks are inspired by patterns on the Korean traditional doors; which are designed to allow wind and sun to go through with gentle control of the temperature. The artworks; ‘Wind woven’ can be hung on the window to create beautiful natural light effects. The other artworks ‘Wind floating’ can be used as cupboards or wall decoration.

Nazi Kakavand is an Iranian born fashion designer and visual artist with more than 20 years experiences. This series of her work presents hand sewed and Sermeh embroidery (an Iranian traditional style of embroidery). In this style Nazi uses gold & silver threads and pearls to decorate traditional Persian patterns on the surface of the fabric.



Photos by Damian Vincenzi


Paintings from the past two years of her living and creating in Melbourne are shown alongside recent explorations into costume, sculpture and video art. 
Bricolage shrines and extraterrestrial exoskeletons combined with collaborations between sound engineers and performers tether the entities depicted in her paintings to the fourth dimension.

Hera’s deep appreciation of natural forms and biological structures comes from her upbringing off-grid in a northern forest of New Zealand. This isolation sparked a fascination for the psychology of humans - their internal worlds and how they impact their external worlds. Man made structures are her fantasy realm, an ever present example of the creative conjuring power of our species and the blind destructive force that partners with it. 
Currently Hera resides in Melbourne and continues to explore the cities and natural terrain of this planet with equal fascination.


Huw Vaughan Solo Exhibition

Huw Vaughan is a Sydney born artist living and working in Melbourne. This exhibition showcased a collection of works made over a two-year period exploring raw emotion. Using the motif of the portrait and a suggested sense of history and context, Vaughan leads his audience to create their own narratives.

This body of work continues the artist's investigation into the Australian character and its harsh and beautiful conception.

Bad History by Nicholas Millen

Nicholas Millen has held solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Taipei, Taichung, Macao, New York & Melbourne and was the founder/director of House of Bricks Gallery, Egg Gallery & Roll Over Beethoven between 2011-2016.

Finding an old book of drawings from his early youth, Millen was shocked & amused, then inspired to interpret them into new painting works. The drawings depict 90s NBA basketball games, violent scenes of war and other naive scribblings of the imagination.

"in these paintings i am interpreting my youth and my inspirations/fascinations from that time of early education with concerns to how young Australians learn about the world - their heroes, idols, villians, prejudices and the early onset of impending doom that results from swallowing the brutality of war" - nm

Photos by Kate Shanasy

Ãstral Travels by Gohs


GOHS is a French New Caledonian artist based in Sydney, focusing on fine arts and music production. Exploring vivid and compelling concepts, GOHS aspires to create sensory experiences that stimulate and engage his audience.

Ãstral Travels was a Journey of self discovery and love for all things universal.

Liquid Language by Amos Duggan

Amos Duggan is an Australian artist from rural Queensland. Liquid Language is a collection of studies from the deep labyrinths of Amos' own thoughts and imaginations.

As the paint flows from Amos' brush and onto the canvas, the subconscious takes over and his mind starts having its very own visual conversation. Colours pour out and blend into one another, while lines of varying thickness forge their way through the landscapes and form patterns and outlines of their very own unique Liquid Language. Textures are telling tales and lines are solving riddles. But what is this curious conversation about?

Humans. People. Dreams. Ideas. Facts. Fantasy. Our role and place in the future of this world. A fantasy of thoughts on what physical or mental enhancements may be needed and what evolutionary developments will come. W...ether our forms will feature mutations due to natural evolutions or manipulations formed by scientific intervention.

As Amos paints, he regularly returns to his journal. Siting back and scrawling down the images and words that come to him as he attempts to decipher the scrambled and melting transmissions that are held by the easel.

This is life, isn’t it? A quest to discover the meaning of it all! How everything works. Whether we come up with our own delusion of what it all means or we adopt that of another.

Primary Arcade Exhibition


This exhibition features works from Primary Arcade Artists curated by Taryn Henryka; Cofounder of Budd St Gallery and Monica Balaz; Founder of Primary Arcade.

Primary Arcade is a creative community that collaborate together to create a supportive network for emerging artists. Running in Brisbane for over two years and hosting a range of exhibitions, workshops and social events.

Featured artists: Anna Litwinowicz |  Balazovablack | Bradley Jay | Dean Herlihy | Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau | Ginny Hodgkinson | Harley & Handen | Liz Rowland | Taylah Moore | ZENA | Madbutt





Is Roy Coming? Latrobe College of Art & Design

An exhibition from Latrobe College of Art and Design students curated by Leah Follacchio & Daniel Rohrlach-Tremaine.


Featured artists:

Matthew Austin | Lily Bull | Leah Follacchio | Trist | Callum Graham | Jarred Harknett | George Peters | Lee-Anne Pumpa | Daniel Rohrlach-Tremaine

From bloodied red and pharmaceutical blue, to parent green and flagrant gold, “Is Roy Coming?” presents the work of nine contemporary artists each taking a distinct approach to thinking about and working with colour — a property of light seen by people.

The nine artists work with colour as material; played with tint, tone, shade and hue; or investigate the personal and political associations of a colour to explore the resonances of colour the world. Works on exhibition consider evocations of mood, memory and the experience of colour; colour cognition and the language of common colour names; symbolic and ancient colour lore in literature and art; and the problematic philosophical status of colour.